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About Me #

Hi! I am James Lim, and I write about infrastructure and engineering management.

Always happy to chat with fellow engineers and leaders, share problems and solutions, or discuss feedback on my writing. You can reach me at j[at], and my username is @jimjh on most sites. I am currently at Modern Treasury, and was an early engineer at Affirm, Samsara, and Quixey.

I am available for startup consulting and advising. Let’s learn together.

Writing #

Most of my current work is on Medium, and there is some old stuff at Ampersand.

Some of my most popular articles are:

Back when I was studying ML, I worked on Predicting User Ratings on Yelp and Netflix. I also contributed to GraphLab (now known as Turi) and built the Javascript API on the v8 engine.

There was a time when I was into doing obscure things on iOS and Android. For some reason, 2 of my posts were very popular, and I decided to port them over to my static site generator from Tumblr.

If you are currently a student at Carnegie Mellon, you are probably looking for Passwordless Kerberized SSH for CMU’s UNIX machines.

Coding #

I have been unable to open-source most of my professional work in recent years. Nonetheless, here are a few repositories where I have had some coding fun in between managing teams.

  • event-proxy - an event-based proxy written in C for self-study purposes
  • arc_cache - an adaptive replacement cache written in python3 for self-study purposes
  • dragon-oss - an implementation of the HDFS API using the Aliyun OSS client
  • merkle-trees-impl - a practice implementation of merkle trees in Scala, inspired by the Dynamo paper
  • raft-self-study - an implementation of raft in scala for self-study purposes

Q&A #

Some of my top-voted answers on StackOverflow are:

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