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Hi! I am James Lim, and I write about infrastructure and engineering management.

Always happy to chat with fellow engineers and leaders, share problems and solutions, or discuss feedback on my writing. You can reach me at j[at]jimjh.com, and my username is @jimjh on most sites. I am currently at Modern Treasury, and was an early engineer at Affirm, Samsara, and Quixey.

I am available for startup consulting and advising. Let’s learn together.


Most of my current work is on Medium, and there is some old stuff at Ampersand.

Some of my most popular articles are:

Back when I was studying ML, I worked on Predicting User Ratings on Yelp and Netflix. I also contributed to GraphLab (now known as Turi) and built the Javascript API on the v8 engine.

There was a time when I was into doing obscure things on iOS and Android. For some reason, 2 of my posts were very popular, and I decided to port them over to my static site generator from Tumblr.

If you are currently a student at Carnegie Mellon, you are probably looking for Passwordless Kerberized SSH for CMU’s UNIX machines.


I have been unable to open-source most of my professional work in recent years. Nonetheless, here are a few repositories where I have had some coding fun in between managing teams.

  • event-proxy - an event-based proxy written in C for self-study purposes
  • arc_cache - an adaptive replacement cache written in python3 for self-study purposes
  • dragon-oss - an implementation of the HDFS API using the Aliyun OSS client
  • merkle-trees-impl - a practice implementation of merkle trees in Scala, inspired by the Dynamo paper
  • raft-self-study - an implementation of raft in scala for self-study purposes


Some of my top-voted answers on StackOverflow are:

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